The Lit Musings of N.A.

Nwanyị Akwụkwọ: Igbo words meaning “learned woman” and literally translating as “woman of books.” Nwanyị Akwụkwọ is a name, or title I guess you could say, that I’ve come to identify with over the past several months as I’ve discovered my new found yet undying love of books. It’s also indicative of my passion for learning and my consistent dedication to my culture. 

I am a proud Igbo woman — I doubt that there are Igbo people who aren’t proud, if you know, you know — but I was born and raised in the United States, and that has significantly impacted my relationship with Igbo culture. As I’m sure many first gens can relate, connecting with my culture has proved a fickle process. But, as I continue to explore and get to know myself in early adulthood I find my path regularly returns to the culture and language of my ancestors.

Unfortunately though, I am not a fluent Igbo speaker, in fact, the name Nwanyị Akwụkwọ is quite difficult for me to say. So, for the sake of all of our tongues and brain cells, this blog is signed, N.A. 

The signed, N.A. blog will be one of book reviews, personal musings, and cultural commentary — and possibly the occasional academic paper. Recently, I have found books to be an incredibly candid mirror upon which to self reflect. At this particular moment in my life and personal development, I’ve found myself questioning absolutely everything, and I’ve gained a sincere appreciation for what can be revealed through a critical lens. My mom often says “the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know,” and that’s a journey I’m hoping to embark on here. 

Through this blog I will contemplate and opine on the joys and turmoils of finding one’s truth through another’s experience. These are what I like to call lit musings, not book reviews per se but reflections on what I’ve learned about myself and the world around me through literature.

I hope you’ll stay along for the ride. 

With love,



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